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Ex-youth boss at Man City gives some tips

Taylor & Taylor Director, Ross Taylor was very pleased with the outcome of a game of Golf. He was to hear some top tips about leadership, management and teamwork from is playing partner. To find out what happened next click here

The Bank of England has a slight change of heart  

The latest Quarterly Inflation Report (QIR) from the Bank of England has been published and shows that ‘the Old Lady’ has changed her mind a little. But the market projections for short-term interest rates don’t make for helpful reading for

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FTSE at 20,000

No, it’s not a mistake, but it is not the FTSE 100, either. The most frequently quoted index of UK share prices is the FTSE 100 index, or the “Footsie” as it is frequently described. The FTSE 100 index was

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And after the election…

There is unfinished business for the new government to deal with.  Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. However, when it comes to general elections, there is plenty of history to suggest that tax increases are more

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Revisiting social care in the election campaign

The general election campaign provided a reminder that the issue of funding social care remains unresolved. Who pays how much for long term care in England came to the fore last month. It is one of those subjects which successive

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The NASDAQ hits 6,000

The market most associated with US technology shares reached a new high in April.                   You may be old enough to remember that the end of the 20th century was marked by

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China: fourth time lucky?

One of the major index providers is reviewing the constituents of its important global market indices. Which country can boast the world’s second largest stock market and third largest fixed interest market? You might be tempted to say Japan, but

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Probate fees changes – an election casualty few will mourn

The election has put a stop to planned increases in probate fees for England and Wales.  Once a general election is called, there is usually a period known in parliamentary jargon as a ‘wash up’, during which outstanding legislation is

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A round-up of Budget non-starters

The Spring Budget has become a victim of the snap election. Philip Hammond has not had much luck with what he said would be his first and last Spring Budget. His proposal to increase Class 4 national insurance contributions from

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State pensions: not quite what was advertised

Most people reaching state pension age today are receiving less than the new state pension.   A Freedom of Information (FoI) request from the Sunday Times revealed an interesting fact about the new state pension, which started life just over a

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